How to Buy Hardwood Dowel Rods

23 Jul

Hardwood dowels are small wooden rods used to support shelves and reinforcing of wood joints. You will find that they come from a different uniform and precut sizes that are ready to be used by carpenters. This wooden dowels can be purchased as long rods, and they can be shortened by cutting them to the length that the carpenter needs. You will see that hardwood dowels come in a variety of sizes and are quite versatile. Also, there are several options that you can choose from like the species of the dowels that might be made from hardwood or softwood. Another essential thing is getting to know the details of the hardwood dowels. Therefore, below are some of the factors that we can use to purchase the hardwood dowel rods.

The first point is that consider the density of the hardwood dowel rod at You will find that the hardwood and the softwood do not necessarily reflect on the density or the strength of the dowels because the density is the one that will determine the strength of the dowel. Make sure that you consider the dowel that has tightly packed rods, and they can resist breakage since they are made from high-density wood. This will help to support the load-bearing in wooden joints.

The second point is that know the species that the wooden dowels are made. There are several species of trees that can be used to manufacture the hardwood dowel rods. Therefore, it is good to know them before you can purchase. Woods from trees such as ash, oak, cherry, and birch are the most commonly used to make the hardwood dowels because they are considered to be strong and reliable. There are some other woods that are popular like the mahogany, beech, and others that are also used to make the dowels. However, trees that are soft or softwood trees like pine are sometimes used to manufacture the dowels as well though not considered to be strong. Read more about roofing from this website at

The last point is that consider if the Baird Brothers hardwood dowel rod was manufactured from the hardwood or the softwood. You will find that hardwood trees that are the ones considered to be shedding leaves during winter are the best for the hardwood dowel rods since they are strong. On the other hand, the softwood trees are not considered the best for the manufacture of the hardwood dowel rods. However, there are some of the softwood trees such as pine also manufacture the dowel rods since they are known to be strong.

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